Adrian Hill
Superior Tax Solutions

Our Accounting practice utilises the professional services of Sharron Taylor from Taylor & Moore. We can highly recommend Sharron as an extremely professional, highly efficient and knowledgeable bookkeeper who is meticulous in her work.  We have always found the information she presents to us on behalf of her client to be organised and accurate. Sharron is always pro-active with advice for her clients, and ensures she maximises every entitlement for them that she can. She is a pleasure to deal with, and the feedback from our clients has been extremely positive and appreciative of our recommendation of Sharron. Anyone considering utilising Sharron's services will not be disappointed.

Patrick Gordon
Senior Accountant
Bray & Associates
New South Wales

As a senior accountant who manages a large client base at a Chartered Accounting firm, I work with my clients' internal accountants and bookkeepers on a day to day basis. Sometimes this can be a frustrating experience as you struggle to collate the information needed to finalise end of year accounts and prepare tax and other compliance documents for your clients.

This is not the case when I work with Sharron Taylor and her team at Taylor & Moore. I have been working with Sharron on several clients over the last 6 years and have always found her work of the highest quality and professionalism.

One of the great benefits of the wonderful technology that we now have at our disposal is the ability to develop business relationships with people in other cities, states and countries in ways that never would have been possible in the accounting profession previously. This technology allows me to work from my office in country New South Wales and interact with Sharron and her team seamlessly in Melbourne, taking away any negatives that may have previously existed from such a business relationship.

I am delighted to provide this testimonial for Sharron and highly recommend her as not just a bookkeeper but also as a business partner who can take the stress out of your bookkeeping needs and leave you with the comfort of knowing that she is providing your tax advisors and accountants with the highest quality work.

Patrick Ch'ng
PB Business Solutions

I advise that I have the pleasure of knowing Sharron Taylor and have professional association with her and her firm, Taylor & Moore, as an accountant for approximately three years.

Professionally, I have found that the work produced by Sharron and her firm is of high standard. They are well organized, methodical, complete and accurate. In my dealings with her I have found that she is always wanting to learn more and to improve so that she can be the best in her field.

Sharron understands businesses and how they operate which is a great asset to have when providing services to them. She is a very committed person when it comes to meeting deadlines especially when it comes to complying with the requirements of the taxation law or meeting deadlines for loan applications.

Personally, I have found Sharron to be mature, very courteous, honest, helpful and a person of high integrity. She is very approachable and easy to work with. She conducts herself very professionally in her area of specialty. She can also be described as a problem solver and I am sure that many of her clients can attest to that.

I certainly have no hesitation in recommending Sharron to anyone who may wish to use her services as a professional bookkeeper or admitting her as a member of their organization. She is an asset to have.

Leo Coco
Computers That Byte
New South Wales

Hi Sharron,

You and the team at Taylor & Moore are an invaluable part of CTB and are worth every penny…

Again your email below shows how you have been able to sustain providing services to your clients which is cost effective to our advantage without any compromise on quality and as always we get so much more…

I would without hesitation recommend T&M to any business owner… your professionalism, attention to detail and willingness to always work towards satisfying our needs is something not easily found in the market…

You are part of our team and family and wish you every success in the essential services you provide the market!

Awesome work!

Karen Radzievic
PKR Holdings Pty Ltd
New South Wales

We have been using Taylor and Moore's book keeping services for several years now and we have been 100% totally happy with the services provided to us from a far. We are located in Central West of NSW and have found it very easy to deal with Sharron & her team from a far using email, phone, fax and even postal services. Nothing has ever been too much trouble and often we have asked for things to be done urgently of which Sharron & her team have always obliged. Sharron and her staff are extremely courteous and professional and have ensured I am finally organized with our paperwork which makes me stress free and more efficient and able to concentrate on what I am best at and leave the bulk paper work to them which they are best at.

Our accountant (Adrian Hill STS) originally referred Sharron to us and this has made his job easier also and our accountants fees cheaper.

The manner in which Sharron and her team relate to us is always friendly, warm and inviting, thank you Taylor Moore for the service you have provided to us.

Warm regards
Karen Radzievic
PKR Holdings Pty Ltd

Jordy Bligh
CJ'S Home Improvements
New South Wales

We have been using Taylor and Moore's services since July 2010 and I must say we have never felt so comfortable working with a company. After several issues with our last bookkeeper, Sharron and her team have restored our faith in businesses and people. The warm emails you receive from Sharron make her a pleasure to deal with. Nothing is ever too much trouble and emails are never left unanswered. Sharron is always happy to listen to our concerns and is always looking for a way to make us happy.

Our accountant (NSW) originally referred Sharron to us and he is very happy with not only the work she has done for us but for his other clients as well. The great thing about Taylor and Moore is that they not only try and get to know you in a professional manner but also on a personal level which we love. It is that personal attention that will make us clients of Taylor and Moore for years to come.

Leo & Terri Love
Love Marketing Pty Ltd

I was talking to a customer of mine last week. He was saying how his book keeper was a bit slack and not very efficient.

The first thing that come to my mind was, he should be using Taylor Moore. I told him how you operate and I was very happy with the way you conduct your business. I told him how you are very particular in looking after your clients interests and help them minimise paying tax and also the care and scrutiny you use in balancing our money.

I think you have picked up on at least four errors in our favour this financial year.

I run my business on my own and I do not want to have to do work that someone else is better at than me. Another customer of mine is a house fencer. He was telling me last week how he is going to start doing his own books, including the BAS and some accounting. I was amazed how he was going to clog up his mind doing work that someone else can do better and cheaper.

Thanks for all your help.

Kevin & Michelle Withers
Western Australia

We began working with Sharron in around 2009 when the paperwork for our property investment portfolio and our SMSF became too cumbersome to manage with two full time jobs and three young children.

From the start I found Sharron to be very supportive and aware of the challenges that developing a property investment portfolio brings with it. It has been a pleasure working with Sharron and she has been a great enabler working with our finance broker and accountant as well. I can't begin to thank her enough for her efforts in getting us this far and her support for us being in a position to take the next step.

Tony Rindfleisch
Property Developer

The team at Taylor & Moore does far more than my bookkeeping. They think on my behalf and are proactive in managing my affairs as though they were their own.

Their outstanding professional service means that I can rest easy in the knowledge that my financial affairs are in order so that I can concentrate on my core business.

The work that Sharron Taylor and staff do for me means that I save time and money and avoid hassles. Their service is the best of everything that I would expect from a first-class bookkeeping business. They are efficient and accurate, responsible and well-informed, willing to go the extra mile for what I need and to top it off, they are a pleasure to deal with.

If I could choose from all the bookkeepers in the world, I'd choose Taylor & Moore. I only wish I'd found them sooner.

Uwe Jacobs
Property Friends

Dear Sharron, It is not often that I take the effort to issue a thanks for a special service, but your company truly deserves such.

Let me start with the most outstanding thing that has just blown me away. The attitude and capability of the people involved in your business is just outstanding. I have not ever before had the absolute pleasure of being in contact with a team of people that are so accommodating to our ever needs. It is our very hectic schedule that initially brought us to accept the services of your company and as such our schedules and therefore appointments are frequently changing, an added complication that your staff handles with a smile and an ever willing attitude to accommodate and simply make it happen. We are now able to focus on important core issues, rather than being side tracked by admin tasks. This is freeing us up to work harder ON our business, rather than being stuck IN our business, an edge, that thanks to you, we will know to use wisely.

It is specifically that attitude of wanting to help wherever they can that is so much appreciated. Especially I want to note the very diverse skill set that your team has. It is just outstanding for us to be able to get access to a "one stop solution", from bookkeeping to PC and networking solutions, to Web design and consultancy.

I am more than pleased with the responsiveness and customer focus of your company. It was in fact our delays that required urgent action by your team, even necessitating work over continued long periods, including weekends, a service that not only was provided without any questioning or hesitation, but even with a smile - simply outstanding. I must congratulate you on this point especially - I have simply never before experienced this sort of service and customer focus where an outsider is becoming part of the team to make it happen at our end.

The other point of major importance to us is of course the issue of accuracy and confidentiality. I am more than satisfied with the outstanding quality of your companies work and more over the people skills of your staff. It is not one of the easiest things to communicate complex issues, but your staff is able to not only to communicate effectively, but rather in a very positive way. Even in sometimes hectic situations have your staff been performing admirably. I am very much at easy in communication with the most confidential matter of our company, being completely certain that for us, crucial confidentiality is maintained.

The professionalism of your company providing service with a smile is just great, I truly find it difficult to put it in the right words – it just has to be experienced to be believed – accordingly it is my utmost pleasure to commend your company to any prospective future customer of yours.

Karen Connolly

The staff at Taylor & Moore are exceptional. They are real people who truly understand the complexities of running a small business. Customer service is something that is becoming rarer. Taylor & Moore are keeping the true essence of customer service alive. No problem is too big, no question too silly.

It has been a pleasure to work with them. They show true professionalism and a genuine empathy for their clients.

I have no hesitation in recommending Taylor & Moore to anyone.

Monica Mineif
Completing Your Look

My name is Monica Mineif, I have just opened my first business and was overwhelmed with the amount of paperwork that was involved. Thanks to Taylor & Moore I now do not have to worry about my books and bills, it is all taken care of for me. Anything I ask of Taylor & Moore is never too hard and always done professionally and with a smile. I can now concentrate on running my business and know it's all taken care of. I highly recommend there services to anyone. They are fantastic!

Steven Kolar

It was only a minute into my conversation with Sharron and it was like we had known each other for years. The liveliness, drive and excitement comes out with such enthusiasm, that I'm cheered up for the rest of the day.

From the word go, Sharron was able to promptly help me with my bookkeeping issues, offering her professional knowledge and opinions, and shaping my books into a "work of art". The detail and accuracy is exceptionable, leaving me with no doubt that my documentation is in safe hands. Now I can use my extra time in doing what I do best.

Making contact is never an issue and questions and answers can be dealt with quickly and efficiently. The promptness with return phone calls, emails and answers is brilliant.

An absolute delight to talk to, the professionalism is excellent, and the final product is to perfection. Looking forward to growing my business for many years to come with Taylor & Moore.

Leo Coco
Computers That Byte
New South Wales

What can I say... running my business has just got simpler...!!!!!!

The team at Taylor & Moore are WONDERFUL.... Not just because they do my books with such professionalism or the fact that they always return your calls and reply to your emails in a timely manner or the fact that they make themselves available to you when ever YOU need them or the fact that you can have a normal conversation with them like you were calling your friend or the fact that they show empathy to your individual circumstance or the fact that when the going gets tough for YOU with regards to BAS deadlines etc they will always make themselves available and drop everything to resolve your immediate problem...

I think that it was fate that I found Taylor & Moore, as I knew there had to be some PROFESSIONAL, ETHICAL & HUMAN Office management/accounts business who could work with me to free up my time as the business operator to manage/market and grow my business...

From the moment I spoke with Sharron over the phone, I felt very comfortable and enjoyed every dealing I have with ALL the team including Sarah who manages my accounts personally.

Thank you for the exceptional, professional and personalised service you have always given me and I look forward to the continued relationship into the future.

Accounts Management has never been EASIER...

James & Robyn McBain
J.R. Shopfitting

Just a short note to say how happy we are with the service we recieve from Taylor & Moore.

When we bought Quicken, in order to simplify our business bookwork, we were totally lost with how to set everything up. We phoned Taylor & Moore, and they made themselves available to us straight away, helping us set up the program correctly, and now regularly come over to sort out our books for us. They have been a Godsend.

If we have any bookkeeping related problems, we can call them and they avail themselves to us any time, in order to resolve these problems. They are very professional in everything they do. We cannot thank them enough for all their assistance.

We look forward to continued business relationship with Taylor & Moore, and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone.